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Hi, my name is Jayraj

I am a Developer an Engineer a Researcher

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About Me

Curiosity has always been an integral part of my life. As a kid I loved taking things apart and seeing how everything worked, although I wasn't as good at putting them back together. This thirst for knowledge and answers brought me to science and technology. I fell in love with how we could solve seemingly impossible problems using technology and human ingenuity. With the goal of expanding my knowledge and using it to help others, I joined engineering.
I am a quick learner and I love to explore new and exciting technologies and ideas. My primary fields of work are IoT and Blockchain. I also like teaching and sharing my knowledge.


  • Electronics

    Circuit designing | PCB Designing and Fabrication | Prototyping

  • Internet of Things

    Arduino | ESP8266 | ESP32 | Raspberry Pi | Pi Cam | MQTT | LoRa | Mesh Networks

  • Blockchain

    Ethereum | Geth | Hyperledger Besu | Solidity | Web3.js

  • Web development

    HTML | CSS | Javascript | SASS | AWS | IPFS | Netlify

  • Tools

    Linux | Git | Visual Studio Code | PuTTy | Arduino IDE

  • Other Skills

    Team Management | Technical documentation | Adobe Lightroom

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